Apartment cleaning service

Our complete Apartment Cleaning quideline

So you found the apartment of your dreams and are ready to move in. You packed your belongings, rented a truck, and transferred your internet and cable accounts. This time you followed a plan and didn’t miss anything, right? False! You have to deep clean your new apartment before you move all your stuff! Just think about it – when else would you be able to easily access every nook and cranny of your new home? Definitely not after you move in. So put the moving box down, and give us a call to make your new home sparkling clean. 

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum the ceiling to get all the dust that you can't see but is up there. 
  • Proceed to cleaning ceiling fans and overhead lights.
  • Clean the walls from any dirty spots or dust. 
  • Clean the windows to get a clear view from your new neighborhood or existent.
  • Deep clean all closets and shelves.
  • Refresh your bathroom.
  • Clean your appliances.
  • Disinfect the Sink
  • Clean in/out kitchen cabinets
  • Clean the baseboards
  • Scrub the Shower or Bath
  • Dust blinds
  • Vacuum and Mop Floors
  • Wipe Down Fridge (out side only) inside extra fee 25$. 
  • Clean the Oven $25
  • Disinfect the Toilet
  • Wash all dishes.
  • Wipe up kitchen surfaces – stove, counters and sinks.
  • Sweep and clean trouble spots on the floors. 
  • Clean the microwave in and out.

Now here is a bit more into detail where we explain this is no joke is alot of work. You will have the work out of your life time cleaning all this items on this list, believe us we have being doing it for a LONG time but no worries we are experts and we love to help so you can enjoy your weekend, family time or maybe even go watch a movie with a love one. Time is precious and you should spend it doing what you love NOT claning. call us we will be more then happy to help. 

The bathroom

According to WebMD, germs like norovirus, salmonella and strep can be lurking in your bathroom. Make sure to sanitize these areas, and wear gloves while you do it.

  • Toilet: Use a toilet bowl cleaner, applying it under the bowl rim and letting it drip down. While it soaks, clean the pedestal and seat with a disinfectant. Scrub the bowl with a bowl brush.

  • Sink: Use an all-purpose cleaner and cloth to clean surfaces. You may need to break out an old toothbrush or cotton swab to clean around the faucet base or other small areas.

  • Bathtub/shower: Start with an all-purpose cleaner, and then tackle stains with a scrub of baking soda and water. A spray of vinegar and water can help with mildew and soap scum.

  • Tile: Spray tiled surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, and use hot water and a soft cloth to wipe it down. Add a grout cleaner for especially dirty areas.

The floors

Cleaning the rest of the apartment consists mostly of dusting and light cleaning, but you also need to clean the floors. A study from the University of Arizona found that bacteria from shoes transfer to the floors, so give them a heavy scrub. Here’s a few tips on how to clean them: 

  • Cleaning carpets

If your floors are carpeted, vacuum well. If your vacuum’s height can be adjusted, make sure it’s set so that the beater bar is barely brushing the fibers of the carpet. Vacuum slow and steady and in different directions to get good coverage. Also consider having the carpet shampooed or spot-cleaned if you’re moving in or out. 

  • Cleaning hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are pretty durable, but be careful how you clean to avoid scuffing or damaging the wood, or using a product that will leave a residue. Sweep with a broom that doesn’t have frayed bristles, or use a vacuum to pick up debris. Then mop or polish with something very gentle and recommended for your type of flooring. It’s a good idea to avoid using products that contain ammonia, vinegar, wax, polish or oil-based soaps.

  • Cleaning tile, laminate or vinyl floors

Tile, laminate or vinyl flooring can be easily swept, but a deeper clean requires a little extra effort. A steam mop is a great way to sanitize them, or use a cleaner (check labels and make sure you choose one that won’t cause damage, or leave a greasy or oily residue).


Close the shower curtain, and use a glass cleaner and some of your old newspaper to wipe down the mirror (newspaper is great for glass since it won’t leave any lint behind). Then straighten up any toiletries, towels, makeup, electronics or other accessories that may be on the counter or lying around the bathroom. Wipe down the sink and countertop, scrub the inside of the toilet bowl, and quickly sweep the floor to get up any hair, dirt or other debris that may have collected. This all might take 15 minutes tops and makes everything look nice and neat.


Wash dirty dishes (or put them into the dishwasher), and put clean ones into the cabinet. Use disinfectant wipes or spray, and give the countertops, stove, fridge and kitchen table a quick surface clean. Toss a lemon peel into the garbage disposal, and run it to eliminate any odors that may have made it into the sink. Put away any mail or any other loose papers that may be piling up.

Living room

If you’re expecting guests, consider spending some more time in this area. Vacuum the floor, remove clutter from the coffee table or end tables, and straighten couch cushions and blankets. Straighten curtains or blinds, and put out some potpourri or light a scented candle to freshen the air. Also make sure to clear any bags, shoes or other belongings from the entryway, so your guests won’t have to step over things when they come in. 

You may also want to take some dusting spray and some of your cleaning rags, and wipe down surface areas in each room. Don’t forget to dust around the air filters, and clean the blades on ceiling fans, as dust collects in those place, as well. Doing this will freshen up a room and make it look a bit cleaner without taking a lot of time.